Sunday, July 23, 2023

A New and Highly Decorated Tomahawk from Jud

This highly decorated and engraved tomahawk was finished and sent to its new owner earlier this month.

Phonos courtesy of Emily Brennan.

Sunday, May 21, 2023

Recent Projects from Jud's Workshop

I visited Jud's workshop about a month ago and got a glimpse of a few "in process" projects - several knives and a handmade lock.

The first is a fancy Bowie knife.

The Second Knife is a very personalized Rifleman's Knife.

Also in the making were several Patch Knives.

And finally, a handmade lock. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Emma and Jud Created A Patch Cutting Neck Knife for My Grieving Friend

A good friend lost his daughter last year in a tragic auto accident. This friend aspires to become a custom knife maker and he is modifying his shop to incorporate a forge, an anvil, and other tools of the trade. When I heard the news about his loss, I thought it would be a beautiful way to memorialize his daughter through the creation of art in a traditional custom knife from our country's pioneer past. 

Jud and Emma have recently begun collaborating on joint projects. Jud fabricated this knife and Emma created the sheath. I believe that this is their first neck knife.

The blade is forged by Jud and it features a poured bolster. It is short and very sharp and designed for cutting the patch when loading a flintlock rifle. The handle is deer antler and features a ball starter carved on the pommel. 

Emma incorporated a "weeping heart" in her sheath design, a Pennsylvania Dutch symbol of love and magical power.

Emma is an expert fabric designer and has much to contribute to Jud's fine work. We should all look forward to more joint projects from this creative couple! 



Sunday, May 15, 2022

The Travelers Pistols, Finished!

 This outstanding brace of pistols is now completed and ready for shipping.