Friday, January 22, 2021

The Jacob Dickert's Mechanical & Stock work is finished. Ready for Stain & Final Finish

 Jud has now finished all the wood and medal work on the large bore Jacob Dickert Rifle with the side loading patchbox. He dropped it by for me to photograph while he was running errands in Fairbanks. Next is the complicated task of applying finish and rubbed oil to the stock.

The final picture in this post shows the accuracy of this rifle!

Finally, "the proof is in the pudding!"
Here is the target and the first
3 shot group. A perfect cloverleaf!


Sunday, December 27, 2020

An Extraordinary New Rifle from Jesse

 This left handed flintlock rifle from Jesse Brennan's shop is nearing completion and is just waiting for a slightly warmer day (for sighting in!) and a calming down of the Christmas shipping rush to be sent to its new owner. The author apologizes for the duplication of some of the photos - Blogspot has "updated" i.e. changed its format and new habits and methods are hard for old timers to adapt! 

Friday, December 25, 2020

A New Flintlock Rifle Project

Jud has begun work on an exciting new project - a large bore Jacob Dickert style Rifle with a side opening patchbox. Side opening patchboxes are notoriously tedious and difficult to fashion since they require a complex hidden release mechanism. This rifle is being made for an enthusiastic Jud Brennan collector from Western Kentucky. The original rifle that inspired this project is illustrated on page 75 of the KRA/ James Johnston book Kentucky Rifles and Pistols 1750-1850. This is the only known example of a Dickert Rifle with a side opening patchbox, and if you care to know why it's the only one you should ask Jud! 

These photos cannot even begin to do justice to the fit and finish of the patchbox lid and the incredibly smooth release mechanism that opens it. Of course, as was frequently the case in original rifles, the location of the patchbox lid release button is top secret.

The last set of photos show the evolving carving around the tang, the wrist and the cheekpiece.

Many of the pictures illustrating this beautiful and unique rifle were taken by Jud's lovely bride Emily.