Shaping metal in the forge.

Shaping metal in the forge.
Jud working at the forge: Fire blazing!

Friday, April 26, 2019

A Chance to Own a Genuine Brennan Po Boy for $3700

Jud has been working on completing another rifle in semi-secrecy and it is set for completion when the English Rifle is done. It is fully shaped, inletted and nearly ready for staining the stock. It is a beautiful and graceful "basic" or "entry level" authentic and historically correct flint Po Boy style rifle with poured pewter forend and very nice incised and relief carving. This rifle is in the style of Henry Albright, son of Andraes Albrect of the Christian's Spring school.  

The English Rifle Damascus Revealed!

This past week has seen a flurry of activity and near completion of the English Style Rifle. The most important has been long anticipated - the acid etching of the barrel to bring out the beauty of the Damascus Twist. This requires "reagent grade" sulfuric acid, which, unfortunately was not quite the grade that I sourced from the local tannery. However, it did the job and results, shown here for the first time is spectacular!

All that remains to finish the rifle is finishing and engraving 3 screws - the 2 lock plate screws and the tang. Jud has assured me that these will be finished by next Friday. and then this crowning achievement of Jud's art and craftsmanship will be complete and ready to join the other English Best Gun in my collection: Jud's masterpiece cased double barreled flint shotgun.

Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Exceptional English Rifle Nearly Finished

Jud has nearly completed this project. This rifle in the early 1700's English Style shows amazing decoration and detailed engraving highlighting Jud's accumulated knowledge and artistic genius.

The first 8 photos were taken a week ago to show the side plate and lock in place, and the gold work and engraving in progress.

The last 6 photos show details of the completed breach gold inlay and engraving. These were captured during a visit to Tenderfoot Hill yesterday.

Jud is anticipating completion in about two weeks with the culminating step the etching of the barrel to bring out the details of his forge made and welded damascus steel barrel. This will be accomplished using concentrated sulfuric acid sourced with great difficulty by the the author at a local tannery!