Saturday, September 12, 2020

Tomahawk: The layout and design Phase of Engraving

This is a great opportunity to see how engraving proceeds from the imagination to a drawing to a layout on the steel to the actual realization in steel and gold.

Here is where the magic begins!

A Finished Po' Boy and a Tomahawk In Process

Made the trip to Tenderfoot Hill yesterday between rainstorms to find Jud cleaning out his barn and Emma busy with harvesting a bounty of carrots and potatoes from her very productive plot at their farm. Beautiful, tasty carrots!
Jud has just finished a beautiful and very "upscale" Po'Boy rifle which I encountered on his workbench (first photograph). Detailed views of this superb rifle in a large calibre - it looks like .60 cal rifled bore, are shown.

Monday, July 13, 2020

Jud's Famous Annual July 4th Shoot

Every July 4th for many years Jud has hosted an old fashioned muzzle loader shoot for the Fourth of July. Well attended by local enthusiasts, the shoot has also been attended by our good friends Mike Mills and Gary Blumenthal. The shoot features a mix of traditional targets and shooting styles.

Young people are always welcomed and given opportunities to learn about muzzle loading and historic firearms in a supportive environment where firearm safety is paramount.

This year Mrs. Emily Brennan had her first experience shooting blackpowder with a rifle that Jud made in 1977 for Don Green. Don graciously gave the rifle - a beautiful light weight and slender percussion rifle in the Bedford County style to Emma as a wedding present and she shot it for the first time at the shoot, achieving great accuracy with 3 shots in the ten ring!

The second set of pictures shows Barbara Marshall, the wife of the author of this blog, shooting a left handed J.P. Beck styled rifle specially made for her by Jud.

The final set of pictures show scenes from the site of the shoot, including friends who are dressed in period costume for this event. Jud's beautiful farm is located near Delta Junction, Alaska.

Emily Brennan first time shooting with a muzzle loader!

Barbara Marshall shooting first time with a left handed flintlock

Sunday, June 28, 2020

A New Short Bowie in the James Black Tradition

Jud is just finishing a short Bowie in the style attributed James Black. It is illustrated with two of the author's Jud made Bowie's of the same tradition. The new knife is the one with the lighter colored handle. It is not completely finished and has not yet acquired its final stain.

New Knife from Jud: Silver Mounted and Engraved

All silver parts engraved. Perfect stag handle. Celtic Rose engraved at base. Blade is of course hand forged.
Photos courtesy of Emily Brennan

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Meet Mrs. Emily Brennan!

On February 22, 2020, Jud proposed marriage to the lovely Emily (Emma) Diane Farren and she said "yes!". Emily is the perfect bride for Jud - she is an accomplished artist with a special interest in fabrics and fiber art, a lover of animals who has always wanted to be a farmer, and a tireless worker. Most of all she is Jud's number one appreciator and future helpmate. 

The author of this blog was proud to be asked to officiate this joining of these two beautiful souls in marriage on the evening of June 20th - the longest day of the year and a special time for Alaskans. 

The wedding was performed by the author, witnessed by Barbara Marshall and the bride's father Bill Farren. The bride's mother Kathy was in attendance as was Jud's steadfast friend Gary Blumenthal who attended via FaceTime.

A special gift for the bride was arranged by two of the couple’s closest friends: a yearling painted pony. This stallion’s given name is Denali but his nickname is rumored to be "DocBlume".

This is a wonderful occasion for all of us who have appreciated Jud's work, his friendship and his artistic genius over these many years. It is heart warming to see the smiles and joy on both their faces as they work together to make a beautiful working farm and inspiring each other in the creation of objects of great artistry and beauty. Both Jud and Emma richly deserve the love and happiness they've found. May God bless them both!

Catch a painted pony!

The Ceremony was attended via FaceTime 
by Jud's good friends the Blumenthals

 The Exchanging of the Vows ...

The ring ceremony

 and ... 
Cutting the Wedding Cake
with Bowie #1