Jud loves his cats - an alternative source of income!

Jud loves his cats - an alternative source of income!
Jud's albino "Delta Tigers" sell for $250 EACH!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Animal Pictures on the Website

I get a lot of criticism from Robert W and others for the cute animal pictures with Jud. However, Bob L says his family and especially his wife enjoys them, so - here's to the cows horses, dogs and cats! An important part of Jud's life and a special counterpoint to his art!

David Brennan: A new Brennan Family Powerhouse!

David has been quietly working full time in a quiet and very neat and clean corner of the "family shop" all fall and has been enormously productive. A few samples of his work follow including an early Short Jacob Dickert style rifle he has recently finished for me.
David is a perfectionist, like Jud and Jesse and nothing leaves his shop until it is exactly right.

Cumberland Rifle Finished!

This amazing work of art is now finished and in my hands.
Here it is paired with a Cumberland Pistol made by Jud in 2011.
No more needs to be said - the rifle says it all!
(more detailed pictures must wait for sunlight to return to our frozen North!)