Shaping metal in the forge.

Shaping metal in the forge.
Jud working at the forge: Fire blazing!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Rifle for a Young Friend who is leaving Alaska

Jud and I collaborated on giving a rifle from my collection to our teenage friend Gunner who is moving with his family to the Lower 48 this fall. Gunner is an avid hunter with an interest in black powder and flintlock firearms. Jud engraved the dedication on the buttstock and made a priming horn for the ensemble of rifle and powder horn.
The rifle is a Don King full stock flintlock Hawken-style rifle which incorporates an Alaskan theme in several details, built in 1979. The powder horn features a grizzly bear and is of unknown provenance but it came with the rifle when I purchased it at Great Northern Guns in Anchorage in 1979.

Pictures of the rifle follow.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

More on the rifle from Kade Skidmore

Kade has returned to Delta Junction to work on his Dickert Style rifle project.  He is showing an inspired ability to carve maple and engrave brass as these pictures show. Jud speaks of Kade as his apprentice and this rifle shows how he has grown in skill and artistry. 

Semper Fidelis

"She was his sunshine
She was his moon and morning star"

Semper Fidelis commemorates the wedding of a favorite nephew and his lovely bride, who will become husband and wife this weekend. Evan is a proud Marine Corps Veteran and is studying to be a psychologist so that he can help fellow vets recover from the stress of war.

Allie comes from a Montana ranching family and a school teacher, starting her career in education. 

When I heard that Allie and Evan planned to wed, it occurred to me that “Semper Fidelis” carried twin meanings for this handsome couple: a Marine's pledge to serve his country and a couple’s pledge to be “ever faithful”. That is the intent of this beautiful knife, forged from 1095 steel by Jud’s hand, engraved and given with love by “P&B”!

This knife was presented on July 20th at the rehearsal dinner by my wife Barbara and Evan’s grandfather Hilton Walaskay, also a proud Marine. It is my hope that this gift will inspire Evan and Allie to visit Alaska and see in person this beautiful land and to visit the maker of this knife in person.