Shaping metal in the forge.

Shaping metal in the forge.
Jud working at the forge: Fire blazing!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Priming Horn and Powder Measure Finished

The Priming Horn and the accompanying Powder Measure are finished and shown in these photos.
Now it is time for the bag which is started.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

An Exceptional Pendant from Jesse Brennan

Jesse continues to innovate with artistic flare, this time with an exceptional pendant in the shape of a flower, containing a special piece of Boulder Opal. Jesse was given a blank slate to design and execute this piece for my lovely daughter-in-law. His artistic genius and technical skill are on clearly shown in this series, starting with the first image showing the sketch that Jesse worked from.

This piece of Boulder Opal was cut and polished by the author's gem cutting friend in Tucson, Mike DeMerritt. His work is featured on his Instagram site: Silverlininggemstones.

Update on the Priming Horn - almost finished!

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Preview of the completed Powder Horn

Here are some views of the completed powder horn.

A Priming Horn in Progress

Jud has now completed the Powder Horn - without doubt the most the most elaborate and spectacular horn ever made, or at least that I have ever seen!
He has begun work on a priming horn to accompany the powder horn. Pictures of the initial engraving follow.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

A stunning powder horn: Work in progress

Jud has several new projects "in the works". One is a Brennan Family Rifle for a special offering through the CLA. I have been documenting this rifle photographically and when the time is right, these photos will, hopefully find their way to this site.
A second project is the greatest challenge of all - a super special presentation powder horn which I photographed yesterday. This amazing horn occupies a place in the pantheon of Jud Brennan superlatives that leaves me speechless! Pictures and a few "contextual atmospherics" follow.
The sky photos show Standing Lenticular Cloud formations caused by extreme high velocity winds, often from the Jet Stream that have poured over the Alaska Range. These are a harbinger of stormy weather change to come!