Shaping metal in the forge.

Shaping metal in the forge.
Jud working at the forge: Fire blazing!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

A stunning powder horn: Work in progress

Jud has several new projects "in the works". One is a Brennan Family Rifle for a special offering through the CLA. I have been documenting this rifle photographically and when the time is right, these photos will, hopefully find their way to this site.
A second project is the greatest challenge of all - a super special presentation powder horn which I photographed yesterday. This amazing horn occupies a place in the pantheon of Jud Brennan superlatives that leaves me speechless! Pictures and a few "contextual atmospherics" follow.
The sky photos show Standing Lenticular Cloud formations caused by extreme high velocity winds, often from the Jet Stream that have poured over the Alaska Range. These are a harbinger of stormy weather change to come!

Friday, December 29, 2017

Jud's latest work and more of Beautiful Alaska, our home!

Jud's latest project is shrouded in mystery - it is a beautiful and important effort and will complete the trilogy of works inspired by Jud's enormously productive visit to three of the most prestigious museums in the country. This occurred two years ago and was facilitated by our good friend Gary Blumenthal of Philadelphia.
During this visit to the East, Jud was provided access to exceptional rifles of the Golden Age of the American Longrifle at the Mercer Museum, the Winterthur and The Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Thus far, the fruit of this opportunity has allowed Jud to produce a "bench copy" of the E. Marshall rifle and a Nol rifle. The latest effort, the third in the series is rumored to be a Welshans.

I have documented this rifle from its inception and these documentary photos will be posted when the rifle is complete and in its owners hands.

In the meantime, I offer these following glimpses of Alaska on the shortest day of the year - a recurrent theme, and a few other "atmospherics" from the Far North.

First: Sunrise behind Mt. Hays in the Alaska Range. 
Actually it's just past high noon!

Sunset just a little bit later.

Jud's precious kittens - their faces a bit grimy 
from playing in the coal dust of the forge.

... and finally, Jud's friendly draft horse
says "Hello!"


Guest Riflesmith: Jeffrey Tebay

Three years ago I met a promising young rifle maker at the Lewisburg Show, Jeffrey Tebay and we featured an iron mounted rifle from his hand in a guest pictorial on this blog. Here is a latest offering from him. In his own words: "This gun is a little 36 cal . Stock is curly Ash. Been getting lots of compliments on it, and it shoots as good as it looks. I made everything for it except the barrel."
Jeffrey plans to be at the 18th C. Artisans Show in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania again this year - February 2nd & 3rd, 2018. 
Jeffrey may be contacted at: Jeffrey Tebay <> 

Tuesday, November 7, 2017