An appreciative audience!

An appreciative audience!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Antes Rifle!

This rifle needs no introduction or fancy words. This is a bench copy of one of the finest examples of the work of William Antes, a very early maker. It is likely that the original was made in the decade that saw the commencement of the American Revolutionary War. The simple yet elegant lines exemplify the esthetic that we have come to cherish: wide buttstock, daisy finial on the 4 piece patchbox and a well planned sculptural quality though out.

The original rifle which resides in a private collection, was carefully examined by Brad Emig who supplied detailed measurements, photos and rubbings from the original and also made a wax casting of the Grotesque Mask in silver from the original and kindly supplied this material to Jud. Jud and I are grateful to Brad Emig for his role in making this rifle a reality.

An added point of interest: the original has a more yellow cast to its color than many other original  rifles which often have a reddish color. Jud surmised that the original may have been stained with tobacco. When research confirmed that tobacco was used by some makers, Jud obtained raw tobacco leaves from our good friend Gary Blumenthal and used the resulting concentrate, over many applications, to form the unique color seen in the final version of this rifle.


Monday, March 21, 2016

Brennan School Rifle with Wrought Iron Barrel Completed!

At long last this beautiful rifle, a major artistic and creative effort from Jud is completed.
It is well worth the wait!
It is unique, featuring a wrought iron barrel, specially lined, rifled and profiled by John Getz.
It is also very accurate. We are still working out the sight placement but I expect to show a target soon.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Exciting new project from David Brennan

David is building a new rifle with brass furniture that he cast himself. 

Most recent photos of the "Brennan School Rifle" taken yesterday.

This rifle project is very near to completion. Final stain and finish are being applied. The oil finish had just dried when the photos were taken.

Still more on "Brennan School Rifle"

More of the "Brennan School Rifle"

I am attempting to illustrate the method and progression of Jud's work by showing in detail the steps required for Jud to craft a complex rifle project. The layout drawings and transfers to the stock wood have been included for the sake of completeness.

Notable is the smooth and flowing motion that allows Jud, though skill and constantly sharpened chisels, to produce a clean line of raised carving free from tear outs and gouges. This is accomplished in wood with highly figured grain that presents difficulty even to expert carvers!

(Nota Bene - once again: No felines were harmed in the posting of this blog!)