Jud loves his cats - an alternative source of income!

Jud loves his cats - an alternative source of income!
Jud's albino "Delta Tigers" sell for $250 EACH!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Trigger Guard

Fabricating the trigger guard for the Edward Marshall Rifle presented Jud with a difficult problem: either start from scratch using an oversize form and cast it, or cut it out of brass stock. This trigger guard is much wider than any other standard casting available so it did need to be fabricated de novo. The author of this blog was able to obtain beautiful yellow brass rounds from stock at a local metals supply warehouse. Jud used a bandsaw to cut and form the guard from a 2.5 inch by 12 inch round bar. This is illustrated in the following pictures which also show the trigger guard in its finished form and inletted into the stock. The beginnings of the shaping of the wooden patch box lid are also shown.

Progress on the Edward Marshall Rifle: Shaping the stock

Jud has been devoting nearly all his time on his "bench interpretation" of the E. Marshall Rifle.
This series of photographs shows the shaping and inletting of the stock and sliding wooden patchbox fitted into the dovetail slot where it snaps in with a decisive and very authoritative "click".  The buttplate was fabricated by forging annealed brass into the correct shape.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Spectacular Bowie Knife from Jud

Just this week Jud completed a priceless Bowie knife with special features of his own design. The general idea was to pay homage to an historic rifle originally made for Titian Peale, youngest son of Charles Wilson Peale, and a noted pioneer American naturalist. This rifle is in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and was viewed by the author of this blog and Judson and his sons Jesse and David, courtesy of Debra Breslin, curator. Our visit was arranged by our good friend Gary Blumenthal.

This knife incorporates many unique features into its construction and design. I will leave it to the reader to fathom these artistic flourishes but will state that the blade is uniquely made of special grade of steel used in ball bearings with special requirements for hardening and tempering.

As of this time, the author has forgone any personalizing of this knife out of modesty, but it is cherished as a jewel in the crown in his collection of outstanding Jud made Bowies!

First, glimpses of the Peale Rifle.

Next, early stages in the making of the blade and engraving and inlaying of gold into the handle.

Next the forming of the silver sheath and adding a gold shield to the sheath.

Finally, engraving the sheath and the final finished knife.